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Welcome to Preston Ridge Cycling Community

We are a group of Cyclists based in the Frisco, Prosper, Celina, McKinney and Little Elm area.  We aren't just a club, we are a Community focused on fun, friendly and safe activities.  We have rides that range from family to fast and more, but our focus is on community. We'd love for you to join and join us on rides or at a social events. 

To sign up for a ride, click the "Ride and Event Calendar" in the main menu, then click on the ride you would like to join.

For a description of the pace groups please see the Ride/Event/Route Info menu and click "Ride Information"

A Message from the President.

Hello there! We are glad that you found your way to Preston Ridge Cycling Community (PRCC).


Why “Community” and not “Club”, you may ask? The Board of PRCC all agreed that we wanted to provide a safe and fun way to ride in the communities where we live, for all levels and types of recreational cyclists. Whether it’s road bikes on the city streets and what’s left of the country roads. Mountain bikes on the trails. Gravel bikes on the rough terrain. Even time trial bikes on their own rides or a neighborhood family ride with the kiddos. PRCC just wants to get people outside and on their bicycles.


Come on in. Join the community. Check out the FAQs and Benefits pages here. Sign up on the calendar and try a ride. See for yourself that PRCC is where riders have fun and ride leaders are supported and respected.


Welcome to the community!


Amy Bundens, President

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